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Hydration drink for dogs


"In twenty-eight years of small animal veterinary practice I found innumerable occasions where oral electrolyte supplementation was indicated but not practical. The few veterinary products available were universally unpalatable and unacceptable to my canine patients. Invariably the dogs would reject the supplemented water supply. This often led to extended periods of intravenous therapy in patients that were in borderline need of it. This becomes time and effort intensive for the veterinary staff and expensive for the owner. The introduction of K-9 Quencher has opened up new possibilities for small animal practitioners.

K-9 Quencher has uses in animals who are recovering, stressed or just enjoy a healthy treat. I have used it extensively in patients suffering from both acute and chronic diarrheal diseases with positive effects. It encourages the dog to not only increase its fluid intake, but also fortifies lost electrolytes. I routinely prescribe it for postpartum bitches to replace lost electrolytes and enhance milk production through increased fluid consumption. Young puppies that have become dehydrated for any reason, benefit from its use. In the summer it is an excellent choice for any dog to encourage normal hydration during exercise or heat stress. One of the most popular uses has been during extended travel or in show dogs while on the show circuit. It is a common problem in these situations for the dogs to drastically cut back on their water consumption, even if the owners supply water from their home. Add stress and possible related diarrhea and dogs can quickly become dehydrated. By offering an appealing flavored drink that is also supplemented with needed nutrients, many owners find they can avoid these travel related mishaps.

The variety of flavors makes K-9 Quencher acceptable to most dogs. The levels of supplementation are not high enough to pose any problems to patients with health concerns such as heart disease, liver or kidney ailments. In fact, I frequently prescribe it in such cases to help maintain a healthy balance of fluid in such patients. There is enough dextrose to enhance palatability but not so much that it would cause diuresis and, therefore, further fluid loss.

I have used K-9 Quencher in my hospital and have done palatability trials among healthy dogs being boarded in our clinic. We have found it to be safe, beneficial and widely accepted by dogs in my practice."

Robin T. Stronk D.V.M.

Windham Veterinary Clinic


"When I first was introduced to K9-Quencher, I realized that many of the conditions that develop during strenuous exercise also occur in the chronic disease processes. Although, emergency I.V. treatment may be warranted in some cases, an oral supplement could both prevent and treat theses deficiencies from occurring.

The ingredients in K9-Quencher are all beneficial to dogs, whether or not there are signs of reduced performance. The addition of dextrose gives theses dogs a very quick and available source of glucose that is essential for all the cells in the body to function properly.

Many of the debilitated patients have low serum phosphate levels, and the addition of phosphates are very beneficial for these patients by supplying the phosphates needed to build up the intercellular ATP (Adenosine Triphospahte) that has been depleted by their conditions, but also required for normal cell function.

The Glycine, which promotes the absorption of water and electrolytes is essential for a healthy immune system, and is something that most oral revitalizing solutions do not contain, but is probably one of the main reasons that I have seen such great response by the patients that are using K9-Quencher.

Not only are the ingredients in K9-Quencher valuable for the recovering patients, but also the percentage of dogs that will drink K9-Quencher is much higher than for all the other revitalizing drinks combined.

Without hesitation, I recommend K9-Quencher be part of any treatment prescribed for a recuperating animal. It has been my professional experience that the recovery time is cut in half when the dogs are drinking K9-Quencher in their water."

Robert D Mollica DVM

The Randolph Animal Hospital

Randolph, VT

"I have reviewed, as you request,... All of the ingredients used in your product are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials for use in animal feeds and supplements."

Robert W. Simmons MS PAS

Animal Nutritionist

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